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Most people know the benefits of regular exercise. Whether it’s going down to the gym, taking a run, or going for a brisk walk, exercise is one way of keeping our bodies healthy. However, our bodies are not the only thing that needs regular exercise. It is just as important to keep our brains active and exercise our gray cells too, and there is no better way to give our mind a workout than by playing Knoword.

Knoword is a simple and easy to play game that has plenty of benefits. You can play at home, sitting at your desk or lounging on your sofa. If you're in a hurry, you can challenge yourself on the go using your iPhone or similar iOS device. Knoword is not only fun and a great way to while away time, but it is also a fantastic way to keep your mind in tip top condition.

It's good for you!

Word games such as Knoword are not just fun, but also a great way of exercising your brain, which is important for keeping your mind sharp and healthy.

  • Enforces proper spelling habits
  • Improves typing ability
  • Exercizes analytical skills

I love this game! — Emma Roberts

Every logophile in your life is sure to love Knoword — Netted by the Webbys

My new favourite time killer — Gemma Styles

Only Ari and I could spend hours on Knoword and perceive it as a game. #dorks #upinhere — kikiiswoah (@comedyoferrorz)

Knoword easily beats Farmville, Frontierville and all the other Facebook games hands down! — Shahrzaad Parekh (@SparxNet)

Knoword is lovingly built in Vancouver, Canada by Trevor Blades, with help from artists Adam Winnik and Frazer Adams.

Special thanks to Bret Pudenz, Jay Chesterman, Miguel Barbosa, and Andrew Jones.

Made in Canada

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